These Are the Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch

These Are the Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch

When looking for penny stocks to watch, you have to be prepared for some risk/reward calculations. When they do pay off, however, the payoff can be huge! Picking top penny stocks to watch can be hard, though.

Which penny stocks to watch this week, what about penny stocks to watch in 2020, or even what penny stocks to watch today? These are the questions we need to ask. In order to get you started on your new penny stock adventure, here are the top penny stocks to watch right now!

1. Nokia

Not only is Nokia looking to be a big player in the 5G market, but it recently announced a partnership with Intuitive Mechanics and a grant from NASA to build a 4G/LTE network to the Moon. The goal is to build it by 2022 and create a hub for future missions to better communicate to Earth and help with the exploration of the Moon’s surface. Nokia is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as NOK

2. Neos Therapeutics

Neos Therapeutics, a penny stock, makes treatments of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). And while the company endured hardships the last several years, they are looking to put that behind them. Now that schools are back, remotely, for the most part, sales are beginning to pick up again. Neos Therapeutics is traded on the NASDAQ as NEOS.

3. Globalstar Inc

Globalstar Inc. deals in the Internet of Things (IoT), meaning small connected devices that can interact with you and the internet. Think about smart home devices. One of the company’s flagship products, SmartOne, is a highly sought-after asset tracker.

Though recent events have forced a loss on Globalstar Inc, the company is bullish on the rest of 2020. With all the interest building around 5G, Globalstar Inc. is betting the IoT will keep growing with 5G. Globalstar Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as GSAT.

4. Cinedigm Corp

Cinedigm Corp is a digital entertainment company that has partnerships with companies such as Hallmark, Amazon, and Netflix. Recently, they secured two more large partnerships, with Roku and Samsung, allowing them to serve their content to over 15.2 million people. Cinedigm Corp trades on the NASDAQ as CIDM.

5. Vislink Technologies

A worldwide player in wireless technologies, Vislink Technologies is poised to dive into the 5G area with its numerous brands of wireless technology. They started to make a financial turnaround earlier this year and continued to do so. Vislink Technologies trades on the NASDAQ as VISL.

Penny Stocks to Watch for You

Penny Stocks are some of the best stocks to invest in, and these five are among the best penny stocks to watch in 2020. Especially look towards 5G aimed companies as the technical roll-out for that begins.

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